Taylor Jung, DDS, MD

Meet Dr.Jung

Dr. Taylor Jung holds an MD from LSU School of Medicine and a DDS from the University of Oklahoma Dental School.


What can I say about Dr. Nuveen, Dr. Jensen, Mandy, Jessica, Jennifer, Ashley, Taylor, Hannah and the rest of the staff at CSAOK? One word comes to mind....FABULOUS! I contemplated having breast augmentation for many, many years but did not have the confidence to face anyone with the issues I had with my breasts. After hearing great reviews from a family member I decided to give it a whirl..... If you choose to go elsewhere, don't say I didn't warn you! Call them today and you won't be sorry. Other than marrying my husband and having four wonderful children, it is the best decision I have ever made. So.......what are you waiting for? DO IT NOW!!


Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates is honored and excited to welcome Dr. Jung with her great skills.

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