Revision Rhinoplasty


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It can be difficult for some plastic surgeons to achieve the patient's desired or best results during the first rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

A revision rhinoplasty is best done by an experienced nose and facial surgery, like the cosmetic surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City, to carefully make subtle changes to perfect the patient's results or a larger reconstruction to correct damage done during the primary rhinoplasty.

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In some cases, revision rhinoplasty may require two or more surgeries to harvest and graft needed bone and cartilage that repair the nasal structure. At Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, Dr. Erik Nuveen and Dr. Courtney Caplin use their training and experience in rhinoplasty procedures to help every patient achieve their best results.

Surgical Technique

Full Rhinoplasty Revision

When the initial rhinoplasty results in unsightly features, it can be difficult for the plastic surgeon to revise the initial surgery. Open rhinoplasty is the ideal technique because it allows the doctor access to the nose’s supporting framework, and corrects the internal structure of the nose as originally intended.

It may involve re-cutting and reattaching the cartilage or bone. It may even need skin, tissue or fat grafting to make sure the aesthetic intent is achieved. The peeled skin will be draped back, and a nose splint or packets may be provided to aid with healing.

Rhinoplasty - I am very pleased with the results of my rhinopasty. Within two weeks after surgery, my nose looks even better than I'd hoped. I couldn't be happier!


Touch-up Rhinoplasty

Similarly, secondary rhinoplasty may be necessary to adjust minor issues from the initial surgery. It may be a case of slight unevenness or misshapen contours. In these cases, the first surgeon is often the one who will perform the touch up as the procedure is less complex and typically involves minor techniques, such as slight shaving of the bone, augmentation or reduction for volume issues. The results from minor revision rhinoplasty are mostly satisfying.

I had Rhino/Septoplasty as well as scar revision preformed by Dr. Nuveen. The surgery was fantastic and he went above and beyond to ensure I was happy wih my results. If I choose to have another procedure I won't hesitate to return to Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates.

April H.

During/After Neck Lift Surgery

Depending on the condition, revision rhinoplasty may be performed with either a local anesthesia (for smaller areas) or general anesthesia (for major alterations). It is often an outpatient procedure.

Just as the initial surgery, there will be bruising and swelling around the face. It is normal to feel anxious about the results of a revision surgery after the results of the original surgery. But if the surgeon is reputable and has many years of experience with rhinoplasty, the results are usually better and more natural looking.

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    Dr. Caplin is so amazing, and very sweet, as are her nurses. My surgery was done very quickly and the recovery has gone well so far. Couldn't ask for a better surgeon and nurses!


    I had the best experience!!! The whole staff have exceeded my expectations. They are so friendly and professional. They don’t leave you with unanswered questions. I’m extremely happy with the results!! I highly recommend Dr Nuveen. He is the best for sure!! I’m glad we have him in Oklahoma!


    Very patient oriented. Great bedside manor. Did a fantastic job & I ask highly pleased.



    Revision Rhinoplasty FAQs

    Better or Worse

    Revision procedures can be really complex since there is always the possibility of a worse outcome. It is extremely important to find a revision specialist who has years of experience with this particular treatment. It is critical for the surgeon to understand what went wrong with the initial surgery to be able to shape it into the intended surgical plan. This involves manipulating the internal structures of the nose and resetting the wrongly placed elements.

    Donor Sites?

    In cases when there is loss of cartilage or bone, it will be harvested from other parts of the body – the ribs for example. The grafted bone or cartilage will make up for the reconstruction of the internal framework of the nose. However, this is only likely in severe botched cases, which accounts for a small rate of rhinoplasty procedures.

    Is this normal?

    Revision rhinoplasty is a common occurrence when it comes to cosmetic surgeries; especially minor touch-up procedures, which account for an average of 10% of all rhinoplasty cases. It is normal for some patients to find themselves wanting touch-up rhinoplasty in order to make necessary tweaks that can produce even greater results. Major revisions are less common because they are often a result of choosing an inexperienced plastic surgeon.


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