Facial harmony can often be greatly improved by fixing a weak chin to create a stronger jawline and profile.

Chin augmentation places a silicone chin implant that is carefully chosen by the cosmetic surgeons at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates in Oklahoma City for the shape, size, and material that will best compliment the patient's face. Chin augmentation is often combined with rhinoplasty (nose surgery) for subtle, but impressive cosmetic improvements.

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During the patient's consultation at Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, Dr. Erik Nuveen or Dr. Courtney Caplin will listen to the patient describe their concerns and goals before discussing options and creating a personalized treatment plan.

Surgical Technique

During chin augmentation, the implant is positioned over the bone below the lips. A pocket is created, which will hold the prosthesis in place. Sometimes the bone is shaved to create a groove for the implant. Incisions are commonly placed in two areas that can easily conceal scars – on the underside of the chin or inside the lip, just between where the lower lip meets the gum.

The results after this procedure are almost always positive for patients. An experience surgeon will create subtle results, yet dramatic enough to make a significant improvement to a person’s self esteem.

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During/After Surgery

Chin implant surgery may use either a local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the surgical case. The procedure is performed in an accredited surgical facility. It may last up to 2 hours. A liquid diet is usually recommended in the first 3 days to avoid any pressure around the chin as the sutures are sensitive until healed.

The patient is allowed only light activities until the second week. There will be numbness on the area surrounding the implant. While this is normal, the sensation will gradually improve as weeks pass. As with any implant surgery, it generally takes up to a full year for the implant to settle into position and create a final outcome that is soft, natural and normal in feeling.

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    Love CSA! Great people, outstanding service! I especially love the surgical technician!



    Chin Augmentation FAQs

    What is a Chin Augmentation?

    Chin augmentation with implants can enhance a person's weak chin or create symmetry or an aesthetically pleasing shape within the facial structure. Implants can also be used for reconstruction in cases involving birth defects or trauma-related incidents.

    Fatty chin?

    Chin augmentation is designed to emphasize the jaw line and create a balanced overall facial appearance. If there are excess fat deposits under the chin, which creates an impression of a double chin, liposuction may be performed. Before any cosmetic surgery, it is advised that the patient is close or already at their goal weight so it doesn’t compromise the positive results of surgery. Sometimes, liposuction is sufficient as it already defines the chin without ever needing an implant.

    Temporary numbness?

    Yes. With the implant and surrounding tissues adjusting to its new position, there will be a loss of sensation around the chin area and the skin around it will feel tighter than usual. This is an expected reaction post-surgery and shouldn’t be a cause of anxiety. Eventually, sensitivity will return to normal, but it may take several months before the patient can regain sensation. The improvement will be gradual during the course of a year.

    Obvious scars?

    The incisions made during a chin augmentation procedure are placed inconspicuously within the inside of the lip or under the chin, therefore, there is limited to no scarring that occurs with this procedure.

    Mentoplasty vs Genioplasty

    Mentoplasty is a procedure that adds fullness and shape to the chin. Genioplasty, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure that reconstructs the chin bone. Both procedures may be done at the same time as a combination surgery or as a single procedure depending on the patient’s chin condition and aesthetic goals. Genioplasty is not always cosmetic in nature as there are conditions in which the procedure resolves a patient’s bite or other medical concern.

    What are implants made from?

    Chin implants are made primarily of a soft, rubbery, flexible material such as solid silicone that is inserted through a small incision under your chin. The material is biocompatible, meaning that your body will not react adversely to it.

    Will there be scarring?

    There may be scarring. The degree of chin augmentation scarring depends on the incision technique used. If the incisions were made inside your mouth, the scars will not be visible. If external incisions were made, they should be hidden under the chin.

    When will I see results?

    The results are immediate. At first you may think the implant is too big due to the swelling, but give it time. You may also need to adjust to the overall look of your new chin.

    How long does it last?

    The silicone chin implants are made to last your lifetime, especially if the implants are the harder variety and are screwed into place.

    Are there different sizes?

    Yes. Sizes of chin implants vary in projection and shape. Some implants are “extended” and wrap around the chin further than others. The size and shape of the chin implant choses will depend on desires and facial shape. For instance, s more angular lower third of the face could be slightly altered with an extended chin implant. A more rounded face can be adjusted with the addition of a narrower chin implant.

    Can it be removed easily?

    Yes. The implants are made of a smooth silicone. They are not secured into the bone. Removal of the implant can be done quite easily in the office under just a local anesthesia.

    Affect on ability to shave?

    For men who have a chin implant placed within the mouth, there are no concerns about shaving over an incision. If the chin implant was placed externally below the chin, then it is possible that while the scar matures the incision will be in the path of a razor. While it heals, simply caution around the incision should eliminate any problems with “cutting” the scar.

    How long does surgery take?

    A chin augmentation surgery from start to finish generally takes less than an hour.

    When can I exercise?

    You can increase your activity as tolerated but no heavy lifting or running for at least two weeks after surgery. Golden Rule: if it hurts, don’t do it. Allow your body time to heal.


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