• An upper body lift addresses the unique needs of the patient to remove excess skin from the arms, upper back, and/or breasts for a tighter appearance.An upper body lift addresses the unique needs of the patient to remove excess skin from the arms, upper back, and/or breasts for a tighter appearance.
  • The upper thighs can be transformed through a thigh lift, which removes excessively saggy skin and tightens the remaining skin to contour the area.
  • A mini tummy tuck (or modified abdominoplasty) is a quicker, less invasive surgery for patients who want treatment for the lower abdominal area.
  • A one-stage body lift combines a tummy tuck and butt lift to remove saggy skin, tighten the remaining skin, and contour the area for a tauter look.
  • Revision or secondary liposuction corrects the results of a previous liposuction surgery to smooth the patient's contours and remove irregularities.
  • While gynecomastia can cause males to have feminine-looking chests, male breast reduction surgery can effectively provide a more masculine look.
  • Fat grafting is a procedure which involves taking fat from one part of the body to be redistributed to another part where volume is insufficient.
  • Butt lift surgery, or gluteoplasty, removes excess skin from the buttocks and raises the position of the tissue for a tighter, firmer appearance.
  • Butt augmentation surgically adds silicone implants or uses autologous fat transfer to enhance the volume, shape, and projection of the buttocks.
  • Body contouring consists of a number of procedures, which removes, tightens and lifts skin in order to produce a smoother, more toned appearance.
  • Saggy upper arm skin due to weight loss or aging can be removed and transformed through an arm lift, which leaves arms more toned and proportionate.
  • After weight loss surgery involves a variety of surgeries that contour the body following significant weight loss through skin removal and tightening.
  • To achieve a fuller, rounder butt, a Brazilian butt lift uses a patient’s own fat, which is injected into the buttocks to supply additional volume.
  • Liposuction removes the unwanted fat beneath the skin’s surface that has been resistant to diet and exercise to produce a slimmer, smoother physique.
  • To restore her body post-pregnancy, a woman can opt to have the mommy makeover, a variety of procedures designed to tighten and lift the body.
  • A tummy tuck creates a flatter stomach by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles, as well as reducing stretch marks.

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